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The Winning Edge is our unique school of learning, mentoring and coaching. Like in the days of the gurukul, we have created an establishment which is dedicated and focused on development of the mind, body and soul of a happy entrepreneur and intrapreneur. As successful intrapreneurs and later first generation global entrepreneurs ourselves, our story has evolved around our simple mission to nurture, coach and grow the global wealth creators. Earning foreign exchange by a business for the country is imperative for nation building and The Winning Edge is our humble commitment for achieving this vision.

Our Strengths

Our strengths as a team help us in the process of not just starting up a global business but also nurturing it through the scaling up of existing businesses for sustained growth and finding happiness in the pursuit of value and wealth creation.

Through our expertise in working with Startups, MSMEs, Large Mutlinationals, Government, Academic Institutions and Global Expansion of Family business; we have developed a skill-set that helps us personally understand each business to the core. This not only helps us to bring in a customized perspective to the business coaching but also helps us in developing a strategic route for sustained growth of the organization. As happy entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs ourselves, we have learned and successfully grown through multiple stages of a business journey through relationship building and wish to share our experiences to drive and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in business world.

In short, we are here to coach you through the journey from a Startup to Successful Scale-up whether you are a first or second generation entrepreneur, or an executive intrapreneur in an existing business set up as a value builder and Wealth Creator.

What We Do

Since its inception in the year 2002; The Winning Edge has offered innovative entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial developmental initiatives through experiential and customized L&D interventions for enhancing leadership and commercial acumen to eminent corporate houses, active professional bodies and prestigious management institutes. We have serviced clients in a variety of industries in Government, Public and Private Domain as well as in the Multinationals and MSMEs.

Simultaneously Business Coaching of the young and old as well as men and women entrepreneurs to launch their successful start-ups and hand holding them to grow into sustainable and global scale ups have been our forte.

Today Global Business Coaching, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Coaching for International Business Expansion, Life Business Coaching, Relationship Building, Global Family Business Coaching, Business coaching for the second generation; are some of our niche areas of expertise.

Transforming Wealth Managers into Wealth Creators: Chhaya Sehgal - Founder