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Arun Sehgal specialized in the area of International Marketing and Sales as well as Global Business Expansion, over the past thirty years.

Arun Sehgal built his own international business across more than 48 countries as a first generation entrepreneur. This experience taught him few invaluable lessons in the areas of International Marketing and Sales, Study of International Business Environment and Cultures, Cross-Cultural Selling and Global Business Creation. He continues to learn from the Global Business Leaders, many of whom are his customers today and this journey may never end.

Arun Sehgal teaches subjects like Global Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, International Business, Innovation Management, Global Business Expansion, International Brand Building, Cross-Cultural Selling and Global Business Leadership Creation. He is also a Coach and Mentor for Family Businesses/ SMEs/ MSMEs/ New Start-Ups desirous of expanding their business operations globally.

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