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Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

Over three decades of experience of being first generation entrepreneurs seems to be our strongest bet to be empathetic mentors today to anybody who nurtures an ambition to be on his/ her own!

For we know how tough it is to start an enterprise without having any resources, any formal guidance on business building and any understanding of which business idea will have the potential to make it big!

As we started in 1983 all we had with us was our strong educational background and a common goal with a burning desire to build our work and personal life which will give us resources to lead our lives for fulfilling our dreams and responsibilities without any limitations and external support.

During this journey we discovered our happiness by giving back what we learned to those who wanted to start their journey or were struggling towards the realisation of their goals and dreams.

All these years we have been happily sharing our successes and failures, our trials and tribulations, our hard earned and learned lessons of life with our mentees with empathy and genuine desire for them to learn and succeed with the least hardships and heartbreaks.

Looking for a business mentor, export import mentor, peak performance mentor and next generation development with a mentor team for your global or family business in Mumbai, India?

Come! Join us at The Winning Edge for a thrilling and highly personalised mentoring and coaching experience born out of 35 long years of hard work, success and wisdom.....