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The Winning Edge is an outcome of our trusted partnership and intense team-spirit in personal and professional capacity over three decades. In our pursuit to work together towards our dreams and aspirations we learned the invaluable lesson of power of WE above ME and realised that every accomplishment feels steller when born out of genuine collaboration and every reward tastes sweeter when shared with all those who walk with us through all the obstacles and milestones during our journey towards our goals.

Happy Entrepreneurs: An Entrepreneur is Master of his TIME. He makes the rules, sets the hours and creates suitable environment at his workplace that sets him free to integrate his work and life most effectively. Being in charge of ones' own life is the number one prerequisite of a rewarding, fulfilling and happy life. The opportunity and ability to enjoy your fruits of success with the loved ones is what makes one truly happy.

Successful Entrepreneurs: The never say die attitude, not taking 'no' for an answer, not being afraid of either hard work or umpteen failures define an entrepreneur and these very traits are the foundation of success in life. Indeed being an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur sets us up for lasting success and valuing the people and relationships which we forge during this endeavour enriches our lives and transforms us into happy individuals.

All our Learning and Developmental Interventions at The Winning Edge are rooted in this value and we truly believe that lasting success is born out of an opportunity to spend our lives in doing what we love, the way we love to do it and are happy thinking and looking forward to each new day when we rise and head to our work. Mentoring and coaching for happy and successful entrepreneurs in Mumbai, India to globally by experienced and professional entrepreneur, mentor and coach of TWE with special and individual focus from start to happy success with manual supports since 2002.