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All innovative ideas are great ideas however what makes an idea click into a successful B Plan is the excellence in execution and strategic use of resources for value creation. As a start up begins to evolve into a scale up the structural changes required in the set up can be overwhelming, especially for many creative young startups.

Often the founders are solely focused on financing and developing their company, the task of establishing sustainable structures falls by the wayside. The initial stage of development and implementation is especially chaotic, as you want to get your idea off the ground as quickly as possible.

The intrapreneurial experience with corporates, multinationals and giant government bodies and professional associations comes in handy for The Winning Edge to consult and coach the entrepreneurial ventures towards sustainable growth.

Creating USPs, Clear cut Goals, Forming teams with complimentary strengths, Motivating them on daily basis, Creating synergies, Ensuring deadlines are met, Clearly defining roles and positions with accountability, Grooming leaders continually and developing a corporate culture conducive for scalability and sustainability are ongoing challenges that can make or break a start up. Timely intervention in problem areas with help from a mentor and coach is the only way. Unfortunately, most start ups fail here because of the lack of timely and proper mentoring and coaching.

At The Winning Edge, we help audit the current state of a struggling start up and share our reasons for a revival plan and revamp the teams and their functioning if required to ensure that value creation occurs on sustainable basis. We have also been guiding, mentoring and coaching many struggling foreign startups to develop a fitting strategy for successful Indian market entry with special focus and manual support. Coaching, mentor, help and scaling up for struggling startups to successful startup in Mumbai, India by industry experienced and professionals coach for mentoring since 2002. Mentorship one of the keys to a successful startup.